Trendy Sunglasses Autumn-Winter 2017-2018

Trendy accessorise? - Apart from their protective function, sunglasses have been always considered being an important accessorise while creating unforgettable looks. In last AW collections 2017-2018 most designers put accents on the game of contrasts and chose unusual forms. It doesn't mean classic models are not trendy anymore - classic will always stay classic. So let's have a look which sunglasses are in trend this autumn.

Classic Aviators

Aviator Sunglasses always stay trendy. Moreover, they are favourite ones for most designers. They are on top several seasons already. In cold season aviators will impress their diversity. You can choose aviators either in plastic or metal frame. Also, both colour, dark or transparent lenses will be in trend. On the runaways aviator sunglasses have been seen in Dior, Chanel, Versace, Phillip Lim collections. Trendy Sunglasses Autumn 2017

Wayfarer Sunglasses AW'17-18

Iconic label Ray Ban made the wayfarer style a revolutionary trend in fashion when it emerged in the 1950’s, with the design and aesthetics providing a refreshing change from the common metal eyewear that pervaded this era. Since then, its popularity has fluctuated, but from recent runway shows, it seems the style is coming back with a vengeance. This retro look is usually accompanied with a faintly coloured rim or lens, and perfectly suits any casual wear. Trendy Sunglasses AW 2017-2018 Trendy Sunglasses AW 2017-2018

Oversize Sunglasses

Oversize sunglasses is one of the newest trends in this season. Massive sunglasses covering half of the face became specially popular in 2017. Sunglasses will match perfectly to those who would prefer to underline their individuality. This trend appreciated Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Mark Jacobs who added the sunglasses of this type to their collections. trendy sunglasses aw 2017-2018 Trendy sunglasses AW 2017-2018

Trendy decorated sunglasses

In Autumn-Winter 17-18 season designers put the accent not on frames and lenses, but also decorations. More brave variants are decorated with the fur, fabrics, rhinestones and even some texts - best example here is Dior J'ADIOR. Trendy sunglasses AW 2017-2018 Trendy sunglasses AW 2017-2018

One-colour sunglasses

Another this season Hot Trend are one-colour sunglasses (their frames, lenses have the same colour and their are mad of one material). Such sunglasses you can find in Bottega Veneta, Mulberry, Nicholas K, Vivetta collections. Trendy sunglasses AW 2017-2018 Trendy sunglasses AW 2017-2018

Round-shape sunglasses

Once again round-shape sunglasses occupy the leading positions. Despite the fact that they are all round, you have a diversity of colours, frames and sizes. Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Chanel suggest to add them to your sunglasses collection in case you still didn't. Trendy sunglasses AW 2017-2018 Trendy sunglasses AW 2017-2018