Ray-Ban sunglasses

The Ray-Ban brand was born in 1930. At that time many pilots of the Air Forces of the United States began to have strong headaches and altitude sickness. For this reason a new type of lens, green lens could fight the sun's glare without obscuring the vision of the pilots were introduced. The anti-glare glasses went on sale in 1937 and 1938 were remodeled and christened with the name of Ray-Ban Aviator.

During the forties, Ray-Ban carried out a series of investigations that led to an innovative lens gradient mirror. The military influence in models of Ray-Ban was undeniable and the civilian population was eager to emulate the pilots wearing their sunglasses. When the Fifties arrived, Hollywood already had a powerful impact on fashion. James Dean and Audrey Hepburn wore the Wayfarer model, born in 1952. Nowadays, the Ray-ban Wayfarer has become one of the most recognized fashion accessories. In the sixties, Ray-Ban and had become the world's leading lenses.

The seventies meant a lot of product expansion and technical innovation, this allowed Ray-Ban further expand its offering. In 1974 forocromática Abermatic lens, I was able to change color depending on the light conditions and was successful for athletes practicing winter sports was born. In the eighties and nineties was hard to watch a movie without ever appeared about Ray-Ban.

In 2015 Ray-Ban will celebrate its 75th anniversary with a limited edition book of rare iconic images drawn from the worlds of music, film, style and popular culture, all set in context by leading cultural commentators.

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