Following the successful design of the Vuarnet EDGE model VL1613 that James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears in “No Time To Die” episode (2020) the brand is going to launch two new models in the first quarter of the next 2022 year – VL2105 and VL2108. Both models are of the latest technology - made in beta-titanium and high-tech bio-acetate that provide them great strength and durability, all this with a very light weight.

The frames of such high-quality materials are extremely solid and amazingly comfortable due to the elasticity of the beta-titanium temples.

As always, the natural mineral glass lenses in both models give the clearest possible vision and significantly increase contrasts. All the lens tones that have both models provide maximum perception of the relief including very bright days and eliminates almost completely the glare effect.


VL2105 model goes with double metal bridge and 54mm lenses and will be available in the following colors:

  • VL210500021622 Matt Black GREY POLAR
  • VL210500010622 Shiny Tortoise Flag BLUE POLAR
  • VL210500032121 Shiny Tortoise PURE BROWN
  • VL210500041123 Matt White-Silver SILVER FLASH
  • VL210500050622 Amber Dark Gun BLUE POLAR
  • VL210500067184 Blue SKILYNX

VL2108 model has 49mm lenses and its color options include:

  • VL210800012622 Havana Ecaille Claire BROWN POLAR
  • VL210800021121 Shiny Tortoise PURE GREY
  • VL210800031622 Shiny Tortoise GREY POLAR
  • VL21080041123 Shiny White PURE GREY