This German designer is the creator of extravagant spectacles and the ruler of his own fashionable kingdom. Philipp Plein runway shows have featured full-scale rollercoasters, monster trucks, fire explosions, cage fighting and jet ski racing. He entered the world of fashion from the background of the dog furniture design and rapidly made a name for himself in the fashion industry in less than 20 years.

His transition from designing luxury beds for dogs to fashion happened when one day, he created a vintage military jacket with a Swarovski skull as on his line of cushions to decorate the display in a closet for his furniture collection that he was showing at a fair Maison & Objet in Paris. That day, surprisingly, he received more requests for the jacket than for the furniture and sold all of them. That was the exact moment he decided to start designing cloths.

Now the brand maintains a network of more than 100 stores around the world (Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Ibiza, Bodrum, Doha, London, Moscow and Milan are some of their locations) and the brand can be found in almost all of the world's luxury multi-brand boutiques and shopping centers.

Far from minimal style, Plein’s aesthetic is straight striking. Once he told the New York Times, “We are not a Jil Sander, we are not a Céline. Obviously, we are not attracting this type of client.”

The designer embellishes clothes, shoes and accessories in the glamorous gothic style with rivets, spikes and skulls. Giant skulls and skull prints have become a distinctive feature and trademark of the brand and are used in the brand´s boutiques, which are decorated with Swarovski crystals on the walls and the entrance of the shops. The brand's iconic pieces are leather jackets, high heels, micro-shorts and clutch bags embroidered with crystals.

As well as for its cloths the brand is also remarkable for its accessories especially for the sunglasses. The key features of the new Philipp Plein sunglasses collection reflect the core concepts of the brand - epatage, luxury and rock 'n' roll. These sunglasses are definitely for self-confidents people who like eye-catching looks that help to stand out from the mainstream.

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