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Vuarnet by John Dalia is the the revolution of the classic Vuarnet frames. The young designer has imbues this collection with his particular vision, reinterpreting the model with a touch of modernity and refinement. Every pair of sunglasses is like a piece of jewellery.

“What a chance for a young designer to revisit such legendary product as the 002, sold in millions
around the world, timeless designs worn by so many celebrities over the years and right up to today.”
John Dalia.

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All the models of this collection are handmade in France with products of the best quality, timeless and contemporary designs that have always remained faithful to their French heritage, which is Vuarnet. All the lenses are mineral and the frames are very elegant and refined.

Vuarnet x John Dalia VJ1401

vuarnet-x-john-dalia-vj1401 vuarnet-x-john-dalia-vj1401 (1)

Vuarnet x John Dalia VJ1402

vuarnet-x-john-dalia-vj1402 (1) vuarnet-x-john-dalia-vj1402



Vuarnet x John Dalia VJ1403

vuarnet-x-john-dalia-vj1403 vuarnet-x-john-dalia-vj1403 (1)


Vuarnet x John Dalia VJ1404

vuarnet-x-john-dalia-vj1404 vuarnet-x-john-dalia-vj1404 (1)


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