Italia Independent is one of our most internationally recognized brands. Hundreds of celebrities have chosen this brand to complete their looks and their sunglasses are wore all around the world. To this season, Italia Independent brings a renovated collection of their best-sellers and discover us unpublished models with materials and shapes completely new.


I-GUM: An assorment of shapes characterized by a soft touch treatment, in order to give a premium touch sensation. This one of the most successful treatments among those proposed by Italia Independent in the last season. Innovation: what has allowed the brand to become known throughout the world for its ability to reinterpret timeless classical shapes with the use of advanced technologies, materials and treatments. I-GUM 0092C: italia-independent-i-gum-0092c (1) italia-independent-i-gum-0092c I-GUM 0900 italia-independent-i-gum-0900c (1) italia-independent-i-gum-0900c I-GUM 090C italia-independent-i-gum-0090c italia-independent-i-gum-0090c (1) I-V: Italia Independent has been the first company in the eyewear to introduce the velvet effect. Based upon a special surface tratment already used in the automotive industry, known as Uv-Lux®. This particular finishing has enabled the brand to consolidate its notoriety, together with a continuous experimentation with innovative, unconventional technologies, that are later mass produced. I-V 0090V2 italia-independent-i-v-0090v2 (1) italia-independent-i-v-0090v2 I-V 0092V2 italia-independent-i-v-0092v2 (1) italia-independent-i-v-0092v2 I-V 0904V2 italia-independent-i-v-0904v2 (1) italia-independent-i-v-0904v2 I-Thin Metal: Glasses in classical and timeless shapes, made of super high-strength super thin steel. The shapes are reinterpreted with vibrant colours and a matt coated varnish. The I-Thin glasses have a great personality, 100% Italia Independent, nothing like this has been seen before on the market. I-Thin Metal 0209 italia-independent-i-thin-metal-0209 (1) italia-independent-i-thin-metal-0209 I-Thin Metal 0210 italia-independent-i-thin-metal-0210 (1) italia-independent-i-thin-metal-0210 I-LUX: All the glasses that, despite they belong to different families, are characterized by the combination of Italia Independent most innovative treatments. The first variant, dedicated to a female target, is characterized by all those glasses with the front enhanced by Uv-Lux® treatment and adorned by Swarovski stones aplied manually with heat. The temples are beautified by the spepcial finish cracklè, a technology used in the home design, which makes the surface of the glasses soft as they were covered with leather. The second variant, unisex, has the front completely covered with stones-washed denim, characterized by a series of cuts which make each pair of glasses unique and different from all the other. The temples are adorned with a blue matte coated varnish. I-LUX 090CV italia-independent-i-lux-0090cv (1) italia-independent-i-lux-0090cv I-LUX 0903CV italia-independent-i-lux-0903cv (1) italia-independent-i-lux-0903cv I-LUX 0904CV italia-independent-i-lux-0904cv (1) italia-independent-i-lux-0904cv I-LUX 0090D italia-independent-i-lux-0090d