Serengeti Carlo


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Sunglasses Serengeti Carlo from the original provider and certificate of authenticity.
  • Model: Carlo
  • Brand: Serengeti
Do you want to know more about the types of glasses of the Serengeti® collection? Check our blog!

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Color: Dark Crystal Gray - Polarized 555nm ( 8163 )
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Color: Shiny Black - Polarized 555nm ( 8158 )
Sold Out 221 €
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Color: Dark Havana - Polarized Drivers ( 8159 ) Ready to ship now!
Express 221 €
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Color: Mossy Tortoise - Polarized Drivers ( 8160 )
Sold Out 221 €
Not Available

Quick tips for choose Serengeti® lens types

  • Drivers – the ideal driving sunglass in the original and emblematic lens of Serengeti
  • Drivers Gold – provides an additional layer of protection, amplifying contrast and definition to reveal vibrant colors in all environments
  • Drivers Gradient – were invented to help both pilots and drivers to read their instruments and see the world in the perfect clarity
  • CPG (Cool Photo Gray) – a multiuse lens designed to reduce harsh glare in all weather conditions without any artificial color enhacement
  • 555 nm – marks the center of light’s visible color spectrum, right on the border or yellow and green
  • 555 nm Blue – features a reflective blue dielectric mirror coating, which offers category 2 to 3 555nm lens protection that reflects more glare and improves contast
  • Sedona – a high-contrast rose-colored lens with a silver mirror, reduces glare from light and provides superior image definition
  • Sedona Bi-Mirror – provides your eyes with ample protection on top, and below, producing beautiful clarity in the middle