Celine sunglasses

Céline is one of the leading design houses in the world. The brand was founded in France in 1945 and it began as a business shoe tailored for kids but in the late fifties it specialized in accessories for women, specially collections of handbags and shoes. Michael Kors became creative director in 1997 before founding his own brand in 2004, year which was replaced. Celine Vipiana was the designer until 1997.

Céline sunglasses are a big hit for fashionistas. Their latest models contain a mixture of materials and designs that appeal to the vast majority of women. Its glasses are prepared to offer maximum protection against harmful sun rays filtering 100% of UVA, UVB rays and UCV. The glasses have thick acetate frames and that's why they are so light and comfortable. The shapes of the frames are innovative -rectangular, butterfly, aviator, oversize- and have clean lines and minimized logos.

When you wear a pair of Céline sunglasses, you don't want to wear other brands. Its designs are the choice of all celebrities and fashion bloggers.

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