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Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with modern luxury and elegance, as well as being famous for having the most advanced technology in the car industry. Known for its classic designs and for being one step ahead of its competitors, the brand has been a leader in the sector since the founding of Benz & Co in 1883. 'Love of invention will never die', one of the most celebrated quotes by Carl Benz, is as valid today as the first day it was uttered and defines the innovative viewpoint of the firm.

The first Mercedes automobile was sold in 1901, although the trademark Mercedes-Benz only came into use in 1926 following the merger of the Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler companies. In recent decades, Mercedes-Benz has extended its range of products, launching a variety of exclusive design items in close collaboration with selected premium manufacturers and sold under the Mercedes-Benz Style brand name. This includes helicopters, motor yachts, furniture, leather bags, luggage and eyewear. The sunglasses by Mercedes-Benz Style are created with the same values that define the brand’s philosophy: progressive technology, intelligent design and uncompromising quality.

The glasses are manufactured with light, resistant materials and state-of-the-art lenses that offer excellent vision for drivers or sports enthusiasts. The Mercedes-Benz Style sunglasses also include high-tech details that offer extraordinary comfort and make these shades the best option for consumers looking for contemporary lines, distinctiveness and excellence.

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