Balenciaga sunglasses

Cristobal Balenciaga Eizaguirre was born in 1895 in Getaria (Gipuzkoa, Spain). He learnt how to sew from his mother, who worked as a seamstress for the affluent ladies of the region, and he worked alongside her for some years. In 1914 he moved to Bordeaux to work for a well-known tailor and in 1917 opened his own couture house in San Sebastian. Due to the Spanish Civil War, he moved to Paris where he created the firm Balenciaga, presenting his first haute couture collection in 1936. He dressed the most prominent aristocrats, artists and movie stars, while also being admired and respected by other designers like Coco Chanel, who defined him as “the only true couturier among us”. Cristobal Balenciaga died in 1972.


Like other “maisons de haute couture”, Balenciaga has evolved into a fashion empire, and nowadays its accessories are highly coveted by celebrities all over the world. Over the last few years, Balenciaga has adopted an edgier direction thanks to the daring decision to choose younger contemporary designers, as is the case with Alexander Wang, appointed Creative Director in 2012. Wang has brought fresh ideas into the fashion house while still maintaining its spirit of luxury and respecting the distinctive style created by Cristobal Balenciaga. Today Balenciaga is considered one of the top fashion firms of all time, and it is appreciated for its contemporary image and its neatly designed pieces. This can also be applied to its eyewear collection. Balenciaga sunglasses are modern, original and glamorous with a twist; these sunglasses are exquisite avant-garde items that express the extraordinary talent of one of the best designers in history.

Normally we do not expect much in terms of eyewear when we talk about a clothing brand. Sunglasses are not their strongest part. But it´s different to Balenciaga collections. Forget what you knew and what you saw about the sungasses before. You may call some brand´s sunglasses stylish, some glamorous, some trendy but Balenciaga ones are out of your imagination, but very up to life at the same time: acetate twisted lenses (like in model BA0053), lenses going over the frame (like BA0093, BA0094) or crystal frames when temples, nose bridge and lenses make one construction (like in BA0095 and BA0096).

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