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Stylish Start to Your 2019 – Cazal 9077!

Stylish Start to Your 2019 – Cazal 9077! 14 January 2019

Want to start you 2019 in the most stylish way?Here we go with a new Cazal 9077 model. The conception of Cazal sunglasses is based on the idea that "Good design must be thought provoking." As a consequence, the Cazal Sunglasses meet the requirements of the most demanding customers such as Usher, Brad Pitt, Will...

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The 7 Best Sunglasses for Men in 2018 [GQ Version]

The 7 Best Sunglasses for Men in 2018 [GQ Version] 4 December 2018

Doesn't matter if you're a classic aviator man or this guy who prefers round shape when it comes to the lenses, there is a pair of sunglasses out there for you. The eyewear industry in 2018 is very various ranging from classic style of Thom Browne to extravagant rectangular Gucci or new shapes of Cartier - that's...

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Celebrities Spotted in DITA Eyewear

Celebrities Spotted in DITA Eyewear 13 November 2018

It is not a secret that DITA eyewear is popular among many famous people. Thus, Usher collection of DITA sunglasses count many pairs including here such legendary models as Grandmaster One, Grandmaster Two, Mach One series, etc.Let's check whom else from celebrities has been spotted recently in DITA frames!

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Vuarnet – Adventure is Yours

Vuarnet – Adventure is Yours 7 November 2018

No matter where, however you want, the adventure is yours.Vuarnet has a story, it's totally unique and goes back to 1957 in Paris in the studios Roger Pouilloux. That was an avant-garde optician, passionate about skiing, who later would revolutionize the world of sunglasses by inventing an exceptional glass, the...

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