A few days ago we presented our selection of round sunglasses for guys, because we know this is the trend that we will be seeing on the streets, at the beach and at festivals this summer. Now we present two models by Thom Browne in the same style; we are certain they will be the next big thing in the coming months: TB-804 and TB-801. If there is a designer that rather than being merely fashionable is a creator of trends, it is Thom Browne. He burst onto the fashion landscape in 2009, when he presented his collection for men in the Pitti Immagine, although his experience in the industry started long before that. In his own words, now that everyone wears jeans and t-shirts, "actually putting on a jacket is the anti-establishment stance." His creations are based on fine tailoring, but always with a twist that makes them very special. The same goes for his glasses, all of them crafted in Japan. Classic in spirit, but with a playful and eccentric edge. The TB-801 model is presented in four tones, a choice that is a clear reference to the iconic colors of the brand: navy and gold, walnut and gold, red and gold, and—the most typical—shiny silver with mirrored lenses. The frame is made of acetate, titanium and 12K gold, and all the lenses are anti-reflective. Lightweight and stylish, they are the perfect accessory for either an impeccably cut suit or a more casual outfit. On the other hand, the TB-804 shades are an update on the famous 001 model, the first sunglasses designed by Thom Browne and the ones that catapulted him to fame as a designer of cool accessories. Like its predecessors, they feature side mesh visors and a double bridge plated in 18K gold. Like the other models, they offer 100% UV protection along with an anti-reflective coating.

Thom Browne TB-801 in shiny silver

thom-browne-tb-801_shiny silver_onlylensThom Browne TB-801 in 12k gold & red

thom-browne-tb-801_gold_red_onlylensThom Browne TB-801 in 18k gold & navy

thom-browne-tb-801_gold navy_onlylensThom Browne TB-801 in 12K gold & matte black


Thom Browne TB-804 in navy - 18k gold

thom-browne-tb-804_navy_onlylensThom Browne TB-804

thom-browne-tb-804_walnut gold_onlylens