Bored of all your clothes? Need some inspiration for your looks? This post is for you! While it is always interesting to take a peek at the catwalks to see what the designers are proposing for next season (and we’ll be showing you their latest sunglasses very soon), outside the fashion shows is where the real action takes place. The beautiful and talented Geri Hirsch, creator of the blog Because I’m Addicted, has selected some of her favorite snapshots of visitors to the latest Paris Fashion Week. And because we totally love her taste, we wanted to share some of the pictures with you. Editors, stylists, celebrities, models and other fashion gurus dress with elegant finesse at these events, with everyone trying to prove that their style has that special touch that makes them stand out among the crowd. So, even if some of these outfits might be a little too outrageous for you, we’re sure you’ll find something to like and provide you with new ideas for your outfits and, of course, your next pair of shades. paris-street-day-01_onlylens paris-street-day-02_onlylens paris-street-day-04_onlylens paris-street-day-05_onlylens paris-street-day-06_onlylens paris-street-day-07_onlylens paris-street-day-08_onlylens paris-street-day-10_onlylens paris-street-day-13_onlylens paris-street-day-14_onlylens paris-street-day-16_onlylens paris-street-day-18_onlylens paris-street-day-19_onlylens