Serengeti® make the most technically advanced eyewear available. High performance Photochromic and Polarized lenses with Spectral Control® are specifically tailored to care for the eyes of drivers and pilots in ever changing conditions. The products themselves are crafted from the highest quality materials and are styled with an elegance that endures the test of time.

Serengeti: sunglasses through time

Serengeti was born in Florida in 1985. Before long, the brand positioned itself in the market because its polarized sunglasses and the unique combination of the features of the lenses. Serengeti sunglasses are considered the most technologically advanced eyewear in the world.

Polarized lens always are better

"Among other features, Serengeti sunglasses have a spectral control selective filter for the light waves; photochromic tecnology; automatic adjustment to ambient light, ideal for low-light and high brightness; UV protection thanks the single lens that blocks 100% UVB and 98.5% UVA; surpassing all standards in force. They also have anti-reflection coating that prevents the retroreflection. The borosilicate glass resists scratching because the chemical hardening provides resistance test dropping a steel sphere. This test is unique to each crystal. The polarization eliminates glare and reduce eye fatigue." As for the lens technology, among the polarized lens there are the following lens types:
  • Drivers – the ideal driving sunglass in the original and emblematic lens of Serengeti
  • Drivers Gold – provides an additional layer of protection, amplifying contrast and definition to reveal vibrant colors in all environments
  • Drivers Gradient – were invented to help both pilots and drivers to read their instruments and see the world in the perfect clarity
  • CPG (Cool Photo Gray) – a multiuse lens designed to reduce harsh glare in all weather conditions without any artificial color enhacement
  • 555 nm – marks the center of light’s visible color spectrum, right on the border or yellow and green
  • 555 nm Blue – features a reflective blue dielectric mirror coating, which offers category 2 to 3 555nm lens protection that reflects more glare and improves contast
  • Sedona – a high-contrast rose-colored lens with a silver mirror, reduces glare from light and provides superior image definition
  • Sedona Bi-Mirror – provides your eyes with ample protection on top, and below, producing beautiful clarity in the middle
With these technical qualities, Serengeti sunglasses are ideal for driving and for airline pilots . Besides its spectacular specifications, Serengeti works with elegant frames and a timeless style adapted to a demanding public.

Iconic sunglasses brand for celebrities

The brand have been the choice by famous personalities like Val Kilmer , Peta Wilson, Patrick Dempsey, James Alain Prost or Denton.

Serengeti combines all the qualities you look for your sunglasses : performance, style , protection and style.

The most famous models are Maestrale, Nuvola and Bormio.