When it comes to driving one common denominator for accidents at this time of the year is the sun. No-one should be without a good pair of polarized sunglasses in their car. Reflected glare from a wet road in the sunshine can be very distracting for the eyes, not to mention sometimes leaving the driver almost blind to what maybe in front, polarized sunglasses eliminate reflected sunlight which will in turn greatly improve ones’ vision. Serengeti eyewear offer exceptionally superb lenses with patented technology that actually eliminates 95% of blue light. This ‘Spectral Control Filter’ which is embedded into the lens is in fact good for your eyes, by reducing the amount of blue light which can be harmful to the retina you can have better vision, with no eye fatigue (for those of you who drive long distances), and improved clarity and definition. Some Serengeti sunglasses made for driving:

Serengeti MARTINO 7716

Serengeti TOMMASO 7958

Serengeti SORTIE 7981

Serengeti UDINE 7915

Serengeti CLAUDIO 7950

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