Thanks to their bold avant-garde design, outstanding optical quality and unprecedented attention to detail, Dita glasses have become a cult accessory for those who love fashion and crave luxury. For this burgeoning season, at OnlyLens we have chosen two Dita models that exemplify the distinctive features of the brand: premium materials, ultra-modern lines and striking dashes of gold. Grandmaster-Five and Mach-Four are not for the meek and mild; on the contrary, these are shades for those aiming to make a statement with their outfits.


The Grandmaster series is inspired by hip hop and by the style this kind of music represented, including the funky shades the rappers, MCs and B-Boys wore. Manufactured by the best artisans in Japan, this model (the fifth in the series) is sleeker than its sisters, with a lighter, more slender frame, yet equally sumptuous thanks to the 18K gold details. Grandmaster-Five features a diamond bevel detail and full titanium temples. They also have 100% UV-protection lenses that include an anti-reflective lens coating. They are available in two colors: navy and matte black, both with gold elements. And yes, they will be arriving very soon at our store. So stayed tuned!

Dita Grandmaster-Five


The other Dita model we want to talk you about is Mach-Four, already available at In this case, the inspiration came from cars and motorcycles, especially those that are able to surpass 200 mph. A step forward in the Mach Series, this model is also lighter than its predecessors. It is manufactured using a sophisticated co-injection process and among its best features we can mention the titanium temples, comfortable rubber nose pads and eye rims with Dita’s iconic diamond pattern. The lenses offer 100% UV protection. The matte black model features gold mirror and polarized glass, an exceptional characteristic, since mirror glasses are not usually polarized. Polarized glasses are designed to filter the light reflecting off horizontal surfaces (like the sea or the road), while letting in the light reflected on the vertical surfaces. These lenses are perfect for any activity that requires glare reduction, like driving or fishing. What’s more, the gold coating offers total protection against ultraviolet radiation; in fact, the sunglass lenses used by astronauts featured this gold coating to protect their eyes against the harmful infrared radiation in space!

Dita Mach-Four