Love them/Hate them or simply Wear them - Club 1 Visor from DIOR

Dior Visor Club 1 - HOT Summer'18 Accessorise from Dior

This summer most unusual, extraordinary and daring accessorise from DIOR, Dior Visor Club 1 catches the attention of the world famous influencers and celebrities. Produced in Yellow, Blue, Black and Orange colour frames, the black and white visors are adorned with the “J’adior” signature, while the orange, transparent ones recall the colourful world of the collection. The orange visor also shields against both UVA and UVB rays.

The elastic, woven with the inscription “Christian Dior", is adjustable, guaranteeing comfortable wear.

Kim Kardashian chooses Dior Club 1 Yellow Visor

Fashion blogger Aimee Song in the orange Visor

A$AP Rocky stopped on the black visor from DIOR

By the way, do you know that DIOR respesented a New Winter Visor collection?