If there is one thing that has characterized Lenny Kravitz's career, apart from his great successes and his energy in concerts, it is his unmistakable style of dressing, where sunglasses are an indispensable complement we cannot imagine the singer without it. Maybe that's why Kravitz is going through a difficult time: he has lost his most loved sunglasses and for that reason, he has asked his fans for help. The rocker said on Twitter that he lost one of his most recognizable pairs of sunglasses after a concert in Los Angeles last month. He shared two photos of the oversized sunglasses and urged fans to email an account he has created in an attempt to ensure his safe return. "They are incredibly sentimental to me, they are old and belonged to a family member. In the hope of recovering them, I don't answer questions. Any information, please send an email to kravitzglasses@gmail.com", it says in the publication. Most of the musician's followers have mobilized to share the tuit and have it viralize to find the glasses faster. But others took things less seriously. Shortly after Kravitz issued his appeal, the "official account for Lenny Kravitz's lost sunglasses" appeared on Twitter. Mentioning the star, the account tweet: "I'm not lost, my friend. I just need some time."