In the last years, accessories have become cult objects for fashionistas and luxury lovers who collect them like authentic treasures. The most emblematic couture maisons of the planet have been creating unique pieces that are only available in the most exclusive points of sales, usually only in their flagships and boutiques. But if you don’t have one of these stores near you, don’t worry, because OnlyLens have the privilege of distributing some of these selected items. You can find these sunglasses on our website and we will send them to your doorstep before than anyone else, because we offer free shipping to anywhere in the world. Dior Technologic are an example of these coveted pieces. After the unprecedented success enjoyed by Dior So Real last season, the firm presents this new model, the evolution of the last year’s star. Dior Technologic are not suitable for conventional people. These sunglasses feature a similar futuristic metal detail than the one in Dior So Real, a singular touch that make these shades distinctively avant-gardist. Dior Technologic have a pantos shape, acetate temples and ultra-flat tone-on-tone mirrored lenses and are presented in different colors of lenses and in silver, gold and black frames. Since Raff Simons arrived at the Creative Direction of Dior, the brand have turned into a more contemporary style but maintaining the sleek elegance that characterized Christian Dior’s designs. Dior Technologic blend the audacious taste of Simons with the magnificence of the maître’s work. COLOR: BLACK GOLD, GOLD MIRROR LENSES (RHL83) Dior Technologic RHL83 COLOR: BLACK GOLD, BROWN GRADIENT LENSES (RHL86) Dior Technologic RHL86 COLOR: BLACK SILVER, SILVER MIRROR LENSES (84J0T) Dior Technologic 84J0T COLOR: BLACK SILVER, BLUE GRADIENT LENSES (84J84) Dior Technologic 84J84 COLOR: BLACK GREY LENSES (65Z2K) Dior Technologic 65Z2K