When a fashion brand is trying to reach a younger audience, the best strategy is always to use pop stars or teen icons as spokespersons. Chanel has done so with the star of the Twilight Saga, Kirsten Stewart, the face of its latest eyewear collection, and Versace with Lady Gaga. Dior, which has already been working with young actress Jennifer Lawrence, has decided to take another step in the same direction by choosing Rihanna—Dior's first ever African-American ambassador—for its new global Spring 2015 campaign. Surprisingly, although the name of the Tahitian singer is normally associated with uninhibited teenagers, the campaign will seduce fashionistas of all ages. It includes an ad (or is it a fashion film?) which constitutes the fourth chapter in the Secret Garden series. Directed by Steven Klein and filmed in a disquieting Versailles Palace illuminated only by moonlight, the video introduces us to a magical, mysterious and even unsettlingly dark universe. Nevertheless, the timeless elegance of the fashion house is still present in the couture dresses and accessories that the star wears, as well as in the impeccable photography. The film exudes sensibility and features an intriguing Rihanna, who manages to look classy and wild at the same time. Watching this piece, once again we cannot but be amazed at seeing how advertising and fashion are getting closer and closer to art. Oops, we almost forgot! Obviously, the sunglasses chosen to appear on the images for the campaign are—you guessed it—Dior So Real. And here, the video!