Serengeti is the maker of some of the world's finest driving sunglasses. Using only the very latest technologies and premium materials, Serengeti sunglasses offer the absolute best in lens technology and feature unparalleled attention to detail. Drivers all over the planet, as a well as military or commercial pilots, choose Serengeti sunglasses for their amazing versatility and for the intelligent design that allows drivers to effortlessly see every detail on the road. The secret of the outstanding performance of Serengeti sunglasses is the Serengeti Photochromic lens technology, which works by adjusting to changing light conditions. These lenses block out harmful UVA and UVB rays, darken in bright sunlight and lighten in low light or overcast conditions. So, when wearing these sunglasses, customers enjoy the best protection and visual acuity. This revolutionary system ensures that the eyes remain fatigue-free for hours, no matter what the weather or light conditions, because the lenses–that include embedded molecules–are able to adapt to different environments. Moreover, they guarantee an optimum color spectrum, which is always pure and vibrant, even on foggy or cloudy days. Photochromic technology is featured in the two types of lenses found in Serengeti sunglasses: Polarized PhD lenses and glass lenses. Today at OnlyLens we want to present 555NM Blue, another version of the 555nm lenses, named after the part of the spectrum that the eye sees most easily. The 555NM are perfect for bright conditions, since they allow the eye to relax while the mirror coating prevents glare. 555NM Blue adds a reflective blue coating to the lens, which blocks more light, offering even greater eye protection. 555NM Blue is available both in polarized ultra-light glass and Polarized PhD lenses. Different models by Serengeti now feature these kind of blue lenses, including sunglasses in the Classic, Cosmopolitan, Flex and Sport series. Besides the amazing benefits that the 555NM Blue lenses provide, they make the sunglasses very trendy, sure to delight people seeking a modern look combined with the best performance. Here there are some examples, but check out our website to discover all the Serengeti sunglasses that feature the incredible 555NM Blue lenses: