What else they say about Thom Browne?

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The overview of fashion agrees: Dita and Thom Browne are revolutionaries. The eyewear designers are taking a stand against mainstream ideologies and with their work they have become in the brands that will drive the eyewear industry. They think that fashion shouldn’t be a character on television, but a representation of our own individuality and our creativity.


For Thom Browne, the eyewear should be an individual choice. He has become a fashion icon because he can fascinate.  His collections have transformed the classic design with each new season, showing radical new interpretations of traditional forms. The forms are classic but the materials are unsurpassed and, of course, the details are exquisite.

We agree with the Fashion Industry, what else they say about Thom Browne?

“The vast range of Thom Browne’s offering carries the act of seduction to an entirely illogical extreme. For that alone, he should be declared a national treasure”. Tim Blanks, Style Editor of Style.com.



“Thom’s suit is the new expression of the suit. He’s really influencing everyone. I see his shape echoed thought out the market. But no one does it like Thom. And in the store it’s gotten to the point where the guys just come in and say ‘Where’s the Thom Browne?’ You hear it as much as ‘Where’s the lady’s room?’ these days”. Tommy Fazio, Men’s Fashion Director Bergdorf Goodman.



“He broke the rules of tailoring with his dramatically cropped tops. Now Anna Wintour loves him and he’s the toast of New York”. Glenn Waldron, Writter, The Independent.


Source: Thom Browne.

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