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Over time, there are brands that have won the label of legend. Vuarnet is one of them. The iconic brand that were the bigger success in the sixties and seventies is back.

Since its creation Vuarnet has sold over 20 million sunglasses. A worldwide distribution network of more than 25,000 retailers and points of sale present in over 30 countries. Launched more than 40 years ago, Vuarnet sunglasses are the fruit of a history, of encounters and sport innovation.

Today the history continues to be made. Vuarnet represents the world reference in sun protection. The tradition of quality is yet to be surpassed and our lenses continue to be manufactured without compromise, using the highest quality materials for both our lenses and frames.

The Vuarnet Acetate Collection features elegant handmade frames, delicate lines and perfect finish without compromising comfort or protection. The aesthetics of this hand made collection are designed to compliment the natural beauty of the face. They are true works of art.

Vuarnet VL 1303 and Vuarnet VL 1302


Vuarnet injection molded nylon frames are exceptionally robust and lightweight making their construction an ideal material for active sports. The nylon collection comprises dynamic styling, aerodynamic design and applied technology; essential for performance in demanding and extreme sunlight conditions.

Vuarnet VL 002 Vintage and Vuarnet VL 0121

vuarnet-vl0002-vintage vuarnet-vl0121


Vuarnet Metals offer Balanced lines and fashionable appearance. Their avante-garde design is completely contemporary and the quality is evident in the smallest detail.

Vuarnet VL 1115 and Vuarnet VL 1163

vuarnet-vl1115    vuarnet-vl1163

Source: Vuarnet

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