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Vuarnet #OwnTheDay Philosophy

No matter where, however you want, the adventure is yours.

Vuarnet has a story, it’s totally unique and goes back to 1957 in Paris in the studios Roger Pouilloux. That was an avant-garde optician, passionate about skiing, who later would revolutionize the world of sunglasses by inventing an exceptional glass, the Skilynx, capable of both protecting it on the slopes and giving it a vision of the terrain, even in overcast weather.

Today Vuarnet glasses are worn by the greatest mountaineers including the most famous secret agent in history, James Bond in Spectre. It became a reference and a style icon.​​​​​​​


Vuarnet Glacier Spectrum James Bond


For those who are seeking solar equipment for exploring under any light conditions

VUARNET Ice combines state-of-art materials with the most protective Vuarnet mineral glass lenses, for a sleek design. This Vuarnet model is for travelling, riding, skiing, sailing, driving, flying or simply viewing the world in full light and enjoying it all.

Vuarnet ice
Vuarnet Ice

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