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Tommy Hilfiger designed a lifestyle, emulating American ideals. He dedicated himself to creating clothes, but he was better marketing his image as a symbol of a fashion empire. Its trademark is the blue, white and red trio, which not only brushstrokes the clothes but also composes the brand logo, an aesthetic reinterpretation of the American flag.

Bags, watches, shoes, perfumes, sunglasses: not only clothes for women, men and children make up his creative trajectory. Although in the new millennium, men’s shirts are the most successful item in different parts of the planet.


Tommy’ achieved the same as the top models: that his first name is enough to know who he is talking about in the fashion world. Even with the identification of his name he went one step further than his fellow Calvin Klein with the 80’s ad in which a teenage Brooke Shields said “there’s nothing between me and my Calvin”, in reference to a pair of jeans.

Not only his compatriot and colleague, Calvin Klein is also the other fashion brand that since 2002 belongs to the U.S. company Phillips Van Heusen (PVH), which in 2010 acquired Tommy Hilfiger to form “one of the largest and most powerful clothing companies in the world. “This is a unique opportunity to bring together two companies with iconic brands,” said Emanuel Chirico, president of PVH.


In the 90’s the brand became the favorite of rappers such as Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Snoop Dogg: the image of the label was increasingly associated with the field of hip hop, which endorsed and strengthened it. However, towards the new millennium the inverse effect took place and its market was segmented only to that area. In the meantime, it was reinstalled in the world as “the quintessence of cool American design, a classic American style”.

Tommy is a music fanatic, to the point of being one of the first to summon famous musicians to star in his advertising campaigns, including Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie and Britney Spears. He even promoted the Rolling Stones on the 1999 tour, dressing them with his brand.

A great success has been the perfumes that have been several years of bestsellers. From ‘Tommy Girl’ to ‘True Star Gold’, whose image is the singer Beyoncé Knowles. The male version ‘True Star Men’ was released by Enrique Iglesias, whom Hilfiger referred to as the archetype “of the contemporary man. He is talented, cool, charismatic and attracts both men and women around the world with his sense of casual and relaxed style.

So this is it, we are closing the post with one of his famous phrases: “The most important thing in life is not to let anyone tell you that your dreams are impossible.

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