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Now that “Mad Men” is over and we’re all missing Don Draper, it’s a good time to turn to Tom Ford. As if his magnificent collections for Gucci weren’t enough, his 2009 debut as director of “A Single Man” reminded us what the perfect style for a man should be: neat and unapologetically classic, but with that je-ne-sais-quoi that makes it clearly avant-garde and never anodyne.

Like Tom Ford himself or Draper, the film’s main character (played by Colin Firth) personified this polished masculinity in which testosterone is not overshadowed by an impeccably cut suit. On the contrary, these are mighty and powerful men who show us that an alpha male does not have to be rough and tough to dominate the pack.

But we’re here to talk about sunglasses! The masculine shades by Tom Ford are designed for this type of man. They are timeless, stylish and chic models. They include small details like the rod with the T, the signature mark of all Ford’s glasses, or a light metal frame that differentiate them from other less sophisticated luxury accessories. We’ve chosen two examples: the FT0340 and the FT0332, two models as perfect for today’s fashion-conscious guy as they would be for an executive from Madison Avenue in the ‘60s.

Ford also adores women. His campaigns and collections present equally formidable females who are not afraid of their femininity and who have never understood the meaning of the phrase “the weaker sex”. He designs for a woman of the world, courageous and wild, although her wildness often remains hidden under a layer of poise and sharp humor. He has created glasses of various styles, but we have chosen two models which are very different from one another. The FT0360 are exaggerated, oversized and ultra modern, whereas the FT0304 Nastasya are ideal for a futuristic pin-up girl. With their mirrored lenses and cat-eye shape, they are perfect for flirty, fun girls. Which ones do you prefer?

 Tom Ford FT0340



Tom Ford FT0332


Tom Ford FT0360


Tom Ford FT0304 Nastasya


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