This Christmas enjoy Chanel shades, like Pom Pom

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In an era in which sunglasses have become an essential accessory, all brands are trying to give a twist to their designs to create the must-have shades of the season.

On this occasion, Chanel has won the battle. When it comes to elegant sophistication, there is no brand to beat the firm led by Karl Lagerfeld and, once again, the Kaiser has reminded us why he has been at the forefront of the fashion industry for so many years.

For this Christmas, Chanel is launching an exclusive limited edition: Pom Pom. Just when we thought we had seen it all, they have surprised us with a model that includes two pendants that dangle from the end of each temple, as if they were earrings. The firm being the epitome of luxury and good taste, Chanel designers know that the perfect balance between boldness and discretion is crucial to highlight a daring detail without overdoing it. And this is the formula they have used to design these exquisite sunnies.

The cat-eye frame features classic lines, without fanfare, and is presented in two colors: black and havana. So the stars of this creation are the two delicate pendants that will be hanging behind your ears. Available in gold or silver, from each temple a single chain leads to a small silver cap, which contains different length cascade chains ending in gorgeously subtle pearls.

We are confident that the unmistakable Chanel Pom Pom will make a splash this holiday season. If you want to impress your family and friends by wearing them, send us an email at

CHANEL POMPOM_onlylens 01

CHANEL POMPOM_onlylens 02


CHANEL POMPOM_onlylens 03

CHANEL POMPOM_onlylens 04


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