The Six Commandments to be a Fashion Blogger

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1. Open your own blog

The first step to being a fashion blogger is to open your own blog. But that is not enough. You should also create a profile on Twitter, Instagram and your own Facebook fan page. The name of your blog is very important, it must be original and funny, as Men Repeller, The Blonde Salad or  Camille over the Rainbow. It would be better if it contains the word ‘fashion’ or ‘style’.

POST dior so real POST dior so real 1 201405_maisonabout_cavalli_shirt_04


Source: The fashion fruit, Sunglasses: Dior So Real


2. Get a photographer boyfriend

It’s very necessary to have a boyfriend who understands you, who shares his love for fashion and who is willing to spend all day making you thousands of photos, editing them, retouching them and selecting the best for uploading them to your blog. Remember that he also must go with you to all the events you get invited and to sit next to you in the pictures and put up your bag.

POST dior jupon 1 14595168015_e4696a2ff4_b POST dior jupon 1_ 1  

Source: Seams for a Desire, Sunglasses: Dior JUPON 1



3. Be a poser

A fashion blogger should update her blog regularly, several times a week showing differents outfits. This are many pictures, so you have to use your imagination for avoid they get boring. Some of the most famous poses used by bloggers are: walking down the street, sitting on the floor with pensive look, sitting on a terrace overlooking the infinity, laughing at who knows what, looking aside with arms crossed and giving small strides down the street.

8350692470_af51ddb170_b  8349630849_77001255c1_b POST italia independent 080


Source: Afoona-pea, Sunglasses: Italia Independent 080


4. You are stronger than the weather

It’s winter in Russia, your hometown, but you just got a Balenciaga skirt with flower that you cannot wait to wear. What will you do?? So wear it, of course. It’s okay to use high heel sandals in winter and ankle boots fur in summer, because the big brands pull out their collections for next season long before they arrive, and your duty is to show the latest trends, even in the season of the previous year.

dolce and gabbana 4236 dolce and gabbana 4236_1 onedayinverona3


Source: Nilerturk, Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana 4236


5. The setting is everything

A blogger has to be constantly innovating to not bore her followers. When you have done pictures in every corner of your city, you have to catch a plane and go travel, preferably to a rare and peculiar place, as a desert or an abandoned swimming pool.

gucci 4252_ 1 gucci 4252 IMG_5728B1


Source: The Native Fox, Sunglasses: Gucci 4252


6. Share it all

It’s forbidden to spend more than 24 hours without posting on your social networks. People want to know what you’re doing, where you are buying, what you’re eating and with who. You have no holidays.

POST celine 41049_1 POST celine 41049 POST celine 41049_2


Source: Peace Love Shea, Sunglasses: Céline 41049/S

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