The perfect sunglasses according to your face shape

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Summer is coming into our lives and sunglasses are become our most indispensable complement. This season you’ll find lots of models and forms that are trend. OnlyLens will help you to find the best design for you according to your face shape .

If you have a thin sharp chin and a wide forehead, you have the triangular face. The ideal sunglasses are an aviator model or a cateye design . Both models will give you a lot of harmony to your face. Scarlett Johansson is your reference.

triangulo (2) S

The square faces are characterized by a broad forehead and jaw . They have a very particular kind of harmony, so what they need are glasses that provide softness to their features . You must choose round or oval glasses with thin frame, preferably with a light color. Angelina Jolie is your reference.

cuadrada (3.1) cuadrada (2)

Your face is round? Best forget the round sunglasses too. Look at the models that  lengthen your face verticaly like the rectangular designs with thick and angular frames . Try the retro style. Kirsten Dunst is your reference.

redonda (3) redonda (2)

If you have the oval type of face, congratulations, your face is the perfect face. Try all the trends!

1222335958 megan-fox-not-foxy-enough-02 ovalada (1) miley-cyrus-we-cant-stop-16

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