The heads of fashion have spoken: Dita is the one

 In Brands, Our Sunglasses

Dita‘s Spring Summer Collection have gone crazy the whole fashion scene worldwide. Vogue and Esquare are two of the most relevant publications that have spoken about this collection.

Dita Von Teese  has released this collection inspired by her own style. The cat eye silhouette with geometric and the futuristic air are reflected in its models. Each design has its own name, as the model wanted to customize and add uniqueness to your creations.

Accessories Editor Vogue proclaimed that:

“Most eyewear collection feature styles such as the aviator or similar to the Kasbah, but the quality is what sets Dita apart.”

dita-medina (1) dita-medina

Esquare Fashion Editor has said:

“I’m a fan of Dita Eyewear and I love this new collection, so cool! I need to call in the Medina for my next story!”

dita-cascais dita-cascais (1)

If you want to see all of Dita models in our store, please click here.

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