What type of Sunglasses will be worn in 2020? We give you some hints & tips

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If you’re wondering what types of sunglasses will be worn in 2020, we need to tell you the fashion trends are moving fast (including trends in sunglasses). While we are in the middle of winter (or even before) we are beginning to see the accessories that will accompany us during the next season more strongly. The presentations of all the famous brand new season collections are the range of options of how we can dress. Many times accessories serve to reinforce a visual proposal, but they manage to become viralized by innovation (as an example we can put the male mini-bags). The truth is that all accessories must be functional and meet a specific need at the time of dressing.

DIOR SO REALWorn this 2020 by celebrities like J Balvin


The trends in sunglasses are reinterpreted year after year. Some of these trends achieve a resounding success, gaining popularity over other garments; for example, the trend of ultra-thin air lenses -very matrix style- that dominated until just a few seasons ago. And so, fashion brings back classic designs, but adapted to the stylistic needs of our generation. For this year 2020 the offer explores all the existing files of sunglasses: ultra lightweight designs, others much more risky with a touch of the future and other classics, but with the right upgrade.


The importance of sunglasses lies not only in their functionality: to protect us from UVA rays or solar glare, but also in their ability to add a stylish touch to any look. To do this, we analyze trends to extract what will be seen most on the eyes. The inspiration is evident in some collections. For example, Salvatore Ferragamo relies faithfully on cycling to update the most transgressive sunglasses; Fendi emulates virtual reality lenses in its anatomy, but retains a sporty, casual look; while DITA gives the lenses a glimpse of the future by proposing a single totally rectangular lens in color or dark gradients.



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