Our Summer: Me, You and Miu Miu

 In Brands, Our Sunglasses

Behind every great woman is another great woman

In front of the camera of Miu Miu Scenique Eyewear collection by Victoria Helly-Hutchinson are actresses Emma Greenwell and her close friend Millie Brady.

A beautiful story of female friendship through the lenses of new Miu Miu Scenique sunglasses. Riding on the boat, playing hide-and-seek and collecting ripe fruit from trees on the picturesque in the a picturesque landscape of Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

Bold and romantic, vintage and contemporary, feminine and rebellious. Miu Miu woman is a continuous contradiction, a mystery.

Feel the freedom of sunny afternoons spent by the pool or looking for adventures. Me, You and Miu Miu captures one of those unforgettable, brilliant days full of simple happy moments and most treasured memories.

Take your friend, put on your Miu Miu Sunglasses and Dive into Your Summer!


Butterfly Miu Miu 52SS. Metal frame. Pale Gold color. Available to order.



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