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While checking dozens of websites to choose the best pictures of men’s street style from the latest fashion weeks, we came to a realization: Tommy Ton’s shots for Vogue were by far the most inspirational selection we could offer. So, instead of posting a wide array of photographs from different sources, we’ve opted to share our favorite images from one of the most talented fashion photographers of our time.

Born in Oakville (Ontario) to Vietnamese Canadian parents, Ton started working in the fashion industry when he was a teenager. In 2005 he launched Jak & Jil, which was originally conceived as a Toronto lifestyle website. Soon he had the opportunity to go to Paris and other fashion weeks, where he developed his signature style. His pictures focused on the details such as textures, patterns and bold accessories rather than the whole outfit, which was the popular trend in street style blogs at the time.

Thanks to his sensitivity and his innate eye for composition, Tommy Ton was hired to cover fashion weeks around the world for online magazines such as or GQ. More recently he has started working for commercial clients and launched, where you will find thousands of exquisite images, along with videos and interviews. A paradise for any fashion nerd.

Now, be inspired! (As a bonus, click here to see Tommy Ton’s street style pics from the latest men’s shows).


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