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We are very proud to present Laveta, a new brand from Andalusia (Spain), which will be available to purchase at OnlyLens very soon.

The core values of Laveta involve combining traditional craftsmanship with new technologies, as the founders firmly believe that the past shouldn’t be in conflict with the present—or even the future.

All Laveta glasses are handmade, manufactured with care and passion, making each item an inimitable objet d’art. Since the very beginning, Laveta’s founders knew that their aim would be to create high quality, unique sunglasses, so mass production was out of the question. For them, glasses can be a piece of art, an expression of their particular philosophy in which style and design take precedence. In their own words: “An object like ours was not only born to meet a merely pragmatic end, but to become a means of communication. They tell the world who we are and what we think. From this perspective, we understand that every single detail is important, from the material used and its provenance to the manufacturing process and the choice of where our product will be available. Every decision, every detail, every step is important”. It is precisely this  viewpoint that makes Laveta sunnies so special. These pieces send a very coherent message that tells the story of their owners and reveal their values of perseverance, daily effort and honesty.

Sustainability was another main concern for the creators at Laveta, so they decided to produce 100% ecological wood-framed sunglasses. Solid wood let them stay true to their principles while offering a high-end finish that distinguishes their glasses from other wooden sunnies you can find on the market. But in order to make a statement about their environmental position, using wood was not enough. The choice of wood, the working tools and the production processes also had to be carefully studied. For instance, at Laveta­­­­­ they are very scrupulous with recycling and avoiding toxic materials. The wood they use is certified by the A.E.I.M. Environmental Code of Good Practice. Moreover, their sunglasses come with a 100% ecological and hypoallergenic finish as well as being sweat and saliva resistant.

In terms of quality details, Laveta uses Lenses Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision, produced by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens, which are among the finest lenses in the world, offering offer total UV protection. In addition, the frames feature stainless steel hinges with springs for a perfect fit.

No two Laveta pieces are alike; the grain of the natural wood makes each pair unique. Plus, since all Laveta sunnies are handmade, if they are not in stock and you want to place an order, it can take up to two months to send them to you. But you will be wearing a true exclusive item that nobody else will have. So it’s well worth the wait! Just stay tuned, because when Laveta sunglasses arrive at our store, they’ll be flying out the door!


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