Serengeti, the Photochromic Power

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Serengeti is an American brand specializing in the development of smart lenses. To design a pair of sunglasses, Serengeti is fixed in each part of the eye and have the best materials to meet the needs of their consumers. That is one of the best selling sunglasses of OnlyLens.

The aim of Serengeti is to eliminate all those elements that can tire you view to provide the best possible visibility, both on and off the road.


One of the features that make sunglasses Serengeti leaders among drivers and pilots are their photochromic lenses. What does this mean? That when UV radiation is most intense, the molecules that make lenses dilate and darken and absorb more light. However, when the brightness is lower, the molecules expand, allowing more light. With Serengeti sunglasses you can appreciate every detail of the landscape and receive more colors and contrasts.

This means that when you go through a tunnel does not have to take off your glasses, your glasses will adapt because UV progressively. That’s why they are preferred for drivers and pilots.

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