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Serengeti History - the Company

The Serengeti Sunglasses history shows how a glass manufacturing company takes an unusual path to becoming a popular sunglasses brand.

Serengeti eyewear started out as a division of Corning Incorporated, a 160 + year old worldwide company.

Corning possesses substantial research capabilities and in 1964 one of it’s employees invents photochromic lenses.

These photochromic lenses would darken in bright sunlight and then lighten in lower light.

The result was that this invention propelled Corning into becoming a major player in the sunglass business.

Corning still sells eyeglass blanks to eyeglass manufacturers, and after the invention of photochromic lenses decides to enter the sunglass market itself.

In 1982 the company creates the Corning Sunglass Products Division with the goal of creating premium sunglasses to capture a share of the consumer market.

The sunglasses started out priced slightly above the market because of the premium lenses and superior quality.

And so Serengeti Sunglasses comes into existence.

The Early Years

Early results for the new product line were good; however, after the first year, substantial losses occurr as a result of Corning’s lack of experience in the consumer business.

Soon Corning discovers that it is not very good at marketing to consumers.

By 1984 the company considers closing the new venture, but a manager named Zaki Mustafa urges senior management to reconsider.

He is given a second chance to make the business succeed and as a result  that request was granted.



Serengeti Valentina
Serengeti Valentina

This exclusive feminine designs was envisioned to turn heads – beautiful curves, the ultra glamorous cat-eye, and galvanized metal to give each pair a jewelry like finish that is sure to attract attention. Available in warm colours, they’re very lightweight due to the Nylon TR90 frames and extra flexible thanks to the internal spring hinge. Our trademark “S” icon is inscribed on the left temple as the finishing delicate touch to this exquisite line of Serengeti® sunglasses which features mineral lenses. Valentina is for large faces while Lia will be perfectly suited to smallest ones.



Serengeti Leandro
Serengeti Leandro

Leandro is a trendy and sport-chic model made with a Nylon TR90 and stainless steel frame, equipped with mineral lenses. A unique and elegant model designed for an all-round and an all-year use.

Fit: Medium
Frame Features: Stainless Steel, Hidden Spring Hinges, Megol Temple Tips and Nose Pads
Lens Size: 53x47x56 DBL 19
Temple Length: 140
Base Curve: 6
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