Red Bull Ski Goggles: ready for an adventure?

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Red Bull applies all the experience they have gained in building Formula 1 cars to its ski goggles collection. Always aiming for the best performance, the brand has created the masks using cutting-edge, resistant materials, futuristic ergonomic lines and technological innovation, knowing the difference between first and second place depends on the details. All the masks are named after emblematic points and curves from F1 circuits all over the world and their shapes are inspired by the racing world.

Paying special attention to the design, Red Bull presents an outstanding collection of cool, bright, comfortable goggles. So if you’re looking for an adventure in the snow, don’t forget this essential accessory. Check out these four terrific models and choose the one that suits you best. There is a wide range of colors and prices for any sports guy or girl. All you need to do is bring your best form to the slopes. Have fun!


Named after the emblematic curve on the Monza circuit, PARABOLICA by Red Bull are perfect for those seeking the robustness and premium visibility guaranteed by the ventilated polycarbonate double lenses. Made with innovative die casting in polyurethane and carbon, the PARABOLICA model has a changeable front and includes the effective velvet-coated layered face foam used in other models. It has a double adjustment strap system and silicon on the inside for the perfect fit.


Inspiration for the BOAVISTA model comes from the curve on Portugal’s Porto circuit. Suitable for both men and women, it is compatible with all types of helmets, thanks to the double adjustment system with an outrigger, characteristic of Red Bull’s goggles. The double spherical lenses have a special anti-fog treatment: polycarbonate-injected Zeiss lenses create a thermal barrier that keeps the inner lens warm and dry, significantly reducing the chance of cooling below the dew point (the point where the moist air condenses and tarnishes the lens). The inner surface is treated to absorb sweat and, like the brand’s other models, they are suitable for the insertion of corrective glasses.


Are you a speed freak? Then these are the right goggles for you. Just to give you an idea, RASCASSE is the name of the legendary curve on the Monaco circuit! With the ventilated polycarbonate double lenses and the anti-fog system you will have maximum visibility, no matter what the weather and light conditions. Comfort is guaranteed by the velvet-coated layered face foam while the adjustable strap means your helmet fits perfectly.


Another high-quality pair of goggles with a race-inspired name, the PADDOCK model is named after the renowned pit lane at Silverstone. The perfect model for younger skiers, with a functional design and a colorful style. Kids and teenagers will find the same performance offered by the other models in the same line: an anti-fog system and optimum visibility, owing in this case to cylindrical polycarbonate lenses. Young adventurers will conquer the slopes with this easily adjustable mask.

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