New Dior icons (II): Dior Abstract

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Abstract are the next “it” sunglasses launched by Dior that will be hitting the stores very soon. Well, they will be only available in Dior boutiques and in a few selected online shops —Onlylens among them, of course.

Along with Chromic and another model that we’ll be revealing soon, Abstract are going to be another major hit. The bright tortoise shell pattern of the acetate frame is their most distinctive feature, as well as the ultra-flat ultra-reflective lenses. These avant-gardist sunnies are perfect both for men and women; in fact, we’d say that it’s this feminine/masculine duality what makes them so unique. The cut-out top adds the modern Dior touch to the classic lines and the architectonic silhouette.

Since it’s more than probable that everybody will get obsessed with Dior Abstract, you can pre-order these shades and be the first to wear them. Contact our Customer Service at and find out how. And there will be more colors available!


Dior Abstract Onlylens




Dior Abstract Onlylens

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