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We are pleased to present you the new arrivals to our store.

Cazal offers one of the best sunglasses on the market. In the 80s, Chief Designer Cari Zalloni gave to the Hip Hop scene its first look with his distinguished frames. Worn by famous icons like Run DMC and Spike Lee, the Cazal still remains a true classic. Nowadays many celebrities, from Jay-Z and Rick Ross to Gwen Stefani and Brad Pitt, are crazy about the Cazal sunglasses.

rickross blog_jay-z-and-beyonce-attend-art-basel

GwenStefaniCAZAL905SweetExcape_1 BradPitCAZAL735_1

Spectacular. There is no other world that can define better Cazal sunglasses because they give an answer to those who like vintage models but also refuse to give up their eccentric style. Vintage, but not classic.

 tumblr_lsir98Kbpl1qg4y6yo1_400 tumblr_m6x25nnpqS1r4p8noo1_1280 tumblr_lo5poiRftx1qg4y6yo1_500

One of the most attractive points of the brand is its clear influence on hip hop. For example, the model 856 takes us back to the late eighties, specifically the last Guy Ritchie film ‘RocknRolla’, in which Johnny Quid wears this model in combination with naked chest while he’s shooting a high caliber shotgun.


But we not only must value its presence in history, but also its high aesthetic and technical quality. The Cazal glasses incorporate decorative elements that are a true testament to craftsmanship. Each pair of sunglasses is subjected to various manufacturing processes, among which is gold plating. The colors of the models are easily recognizable and the sunglasses are usually painted by hand or by using the injecting syringe with color in the form of sheet using a heat transfer process.

Crafted by Brice de Place tumblr_n50t7fVG8F1suhhs4o1_1280 ab3cf018a26cd5a0953c0bdd97dac565


These are some of the 52 models you can find in our store.

Cazal 607

Cazal 607



Cazal 905

Cazal 905


Cazal 163

Cazal 163


Cazal 856


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