Jlo debuts her new clip ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ wearing Dita

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0378-dita-talon-23007c-gallery-2-1600x1000The last videoclip of Jennifer Lopez rebels against “women object” and turn the tables on male singers. In ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ the roles are reversed and Jlo decides to put men in tiny bikini bottoms, slather them in oil and perch them around the pool. The video takes a trip down memory lane for Jlo as she mimics some of her most hot styles, including her exotic green Versace silk chiffon dress, that she wore in the 42nd Grammy Awards on 2000.

Also, the artist wears a Talon, the new eyewear model by Dita, which also gives a new perspective to the famous design of the Porsche Aviator with her personal touch. Dita Talon is distinguished by its spectacular and sophisticated design.


The Dita Talon has an oversized aviator shape and a double brow-bar. Its name is because the talon-prong detailing along frame. The etched nose is pad with signature ‘D’ logo and have 12k of gold. Dita gold-tone metal Dita Talon is handcrafted in Japan with materials of the highest quality, like light titanium, zyl acetate and polarized lenses.

This model will be available on our shop in June in three diferent colours: Satin Black, Satin Brown and Golden.

As Jlo says: ”The theme is girls! It’s being who you are. It’s having a good time. It’s enjoying life”.

So enjoy the clip!

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