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 In Brands, Celebrities, Our Sunglasses, who first found fame as a member of hip-hop pop group The Black Eyed Peas, has been vocal about his interest in both design and technology in recent years.

ill.i Optics is the result of a creative partnership between Will.I.Am and George Gorrow, designer and close friend. This brand is famous by its experimental eyewear. is internationally recognized for his fashion forward frames both on and off the stage. The brand was “born from a life-long passion for experimental eyewear on and off the stage”.

Will.I.Am and George Gorrow

Will.I.Am and George Gorrow


“I’ve been incorporating’s progressive thinking and ideas on design and innovation, while still acknowledging our shared and complete infatuation with historical eyewear and designers of the past,” said Gorrow.

The collection is a marriage of early hip hop and contemporary progressive influences. Ill.i Optics is a unique and unexpected brand with an unconventional approach. All the frames are handmade in Italy with leading industry craftsmanship and innovative techniques. The designs are inspired by rare vintage sunglasses that Will.I.Am and George have found on their experiences around the world., whose real name is William James Adams, said:  “I see a gap in the world of eyewear and this is my installment of what I feel is missing want this to be an honest brand – it’s about dedication and passion.”

Ill.I.Optics by 508S and Ill.I.Optics by 502S

illi-optics-by-william-508s illi-optics-by-william-502s

Ill.i.optics by 501S and Ill.i.optics by 500S

illi-optics-by-william-501s illi-optics-by-william-500s


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