Five sunglasses brands you must know before you die

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If you ask somebody how many brands of sunglasses knows, probably he would answer the most common ones. There are many important brands that are famous by its quality and because they are chosen by the celebrities. However, we want to show you some brands that probably you don’t know yet.


Cazal offers one of the best sunglasses on the market. In the 80s, Chief Designer Cari Zalloni gave to the Hip Hop scene its first look with his distinguished frames. Worn by famous icons like Run DMC and Spike Lee, the Cazal still remains a true classic. Nowadays many celebrities, from Jay-Z and Rick Ross to Gwen Stefani and Brad Pitt, are crazy about the Cazal sunglasses.

Here you can find some of the coolest models of its last collection:

Cazal 163, Cazal 746, Cazal 856 and Cazal 905

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All Dita’s models are hand made in Japan with high quality materials like titanium, leather, gold and the finest acetates. This brand is distinguished by its quality, appearance and the modern materials and shapes. Dita was conceived as an alternative to label branded eyewear.

Some of the latest models of Dita collection are:

Dita Avocet-Two, Dita Kasbah, Dita Talon and Dita Medina

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Italia Independent

Italia Independent is one of the most importants brands in the eyewear market. Its philosophy is reflected in its name because Italia Independent is a brand which is full of creativity and style.

Here are some of the hits of this brand.

Italia Independent 090 Digicamou, Italia Independent 0090VIS by Chiara Ferragni, Italia Independent 0092VIS by Chiara Ferragni and Italia Independent I-Velvet Rock 090VR

italia-independent-0090-digicamou italia-independent0090vis italia-independent0092vis italia-independent-i-velvet-rock-090vr



Serengeti was born in Florida in 1985. Before long, the brand positioned itself in the market because its polarized sunglasses and the unique combination of the features of the lenses. Serengeti sunglasses are considered the most technologically advanced ewewear in the world.  Serengeti sunglasses are ideal for driving and for airline pilots . Besides its spectacular specifications, Serengeti works with elegant frames and a timeless style adapted to a demanding public.

The best sellers of this brand are:

Serengeti Livigno, Serengeti Maestrale, Serengeti Merano and Serengeti Milano

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Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow started in the fashion world in the 70s. Many years of investigation and experimentation produce its results and the brand turned into an icon. In 2003 Linda Farrow’s son started to contributing with his creativity and the brand began its collaboration with some of the best fashionable international designers like Dries Van Noten, Kris Van Assche, Phillip Lim, The Row or Matthew Williamson. Linda Farrow sunglasses are made with the most luxury materials and they express beauty and perfection.

Here you can find some of the best models by Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow by Dries Van Noten 66, Linda Farrow by Kris Van Assche 54, Linda Farrow by The Row 8, Linda Farrow by Matthew Williamson 98, Linda Farrow by Phillip Lim 18 and Linda Farrow 169

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