Film Noir Collection, by Persol

 In Brands, Our Sunglasses

The new collection of Persol is called Film Noir. These models have the Phoenix arrow, which dates back to the fifties. The word ‘Phoenix’ suggests the concept of power and ability to rise from the ashes.

Is common to see Persol’s sunglasses  in movies filmed in Holluwood.  Steve McQueen popularized them in 1968 and he always wore the legendary foldable tortoise shell frames with the blue lenses. Later, Daniel Craig or Tom Cruise appeared with them in their films.

The Film Noir collection is inspired by the black and white cinema. Frames full of chases, intrigue and mystery. Persol digs also in its archives and revives a throwback Phoenix Arrow design to replace the usual Supreme Arrow on the hinges. The Gangster and the Detective are two new sunglasses found in the collection.

Persol 3072S: This model represents the Ganster. He is the villain of the film, a very determined and above all very proud character without fear. He is bold, naught, determined and a very bad guy. These sunglasses can be found in 7 different colors.

Persol 3074S: This model represents the Detective. The smart, sharp and insightful character who seeks information  day and night. This model can be found in 7 different colors.


Enjoy the movie.



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