Meet the Fall-Winter 2017-18 season with Dolce&Gabbana

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Dolce&Gabbana eyewear Fall Winter 2017-18 Advertising Campaign

Let’s check Dolce&Gabbana Eyewear campaign 2017-18

Dolce&Gabbana Story

Dolce & Gabbana story started in Milan in 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Leopard print, lace and a love for their native Sicily, alongside figure-hugging silhouettes and a fervently feminine undertone to each collection are all trademarks of what is now easily one of the world’s most beloved fashion houses.

Dolce&Gabbana eyewear 2017-18

Ordinary people instead of the professional top models

In the distant 1980s, during his first/debut show, designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana opted for not professional top models, but ordinary people. For sure, the public really appreciated this design approach since people buy clothes of different compositions, and on top models it always looks chic and stylish! As a result, this Fall Winter  season 2017-18, designers decided to recall the past and go even further. Thus, over 140 people of different nationalities, ages, spheres of creativity and sizes/completions, which are united by a single whole – participation and great contribution to the development of the brand – attended the show. Among the models were sisters, musicians, bloggers, grandmothers, celebrities kids and friends of designers.

The new collection turned out as always bright, feminine and stylish. Designers once again worked on details, fabrics, styles and accessories. Each image is an extravaganza of all kinds of prints and boring details.

Corinne Foxx, Chiara Scelsi, Natasha Lau, Olympia of Greece, Sonia Ben Ammar, Lori Harvey and Amelia Windsor in front of Luca & Alessandro Morelli cameras. So let’s have a look!

Dolce&Gabbana eyewear
Dolce&Gabbana eyewear
Dolce&Gabbana eyewear
Dolce&Gabbana eyewear 2017-2018

D&G Metal Sunglasses with Baroque detailing | Rose Gold/Silver mirror

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