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Remember these names, because you are going to be hearing them a lot during the coming months. Your new object of desire will be one of these two models by Dita, destined to become classics. Dita has created a pair of sunglasses which incorporate the firm’s entire philosophy into the design: luxury, fashion, cutting-edge lines and outstanding quality. For Dita, luxury is a form of creation, a way of life. The luxury of products made slowly and patiently with passion and precision. The luxury of the frame that has been polished by tumbling it in hand-cut bamboo chips. The luxury of the sunglasses created by a unique process that can take more than 8 months, resulting in a richer, quality finish that you can feel as soon as you hold them.

Journey and Believer, the new star pieces from Dita’s Spring Summer 2015 Collection, are the epitome of this kind of luxury. At OnlyLens we have fallen in love with both models, and that is why we want to present them to you before anyone else. Journey and Believer are two statement sunglasses, almost jewelry pieces, featuring a bold design and superb materials.

Believer is a golden gem created for audacious girls in search of a signature accessory. The different models have a 12K or 18K gold-plated frame wrapped around circular lenses with a distinctive decorative element on top. This striking detail will delight fashionistas all over the world and, understandably, it will be one of the most photographed items in street style pictures.

On the other hand, Journey is a pair of elegant sunglasses supposedly designed for men. But any girl with a passion for fancy fashion won’t hesitate to wear them. Journey is the ying to Believer’s yang. With cooler tones, a clean cut, and a thin temple arm on a solid silver frame, they have a certain 90s look updated into a sophisticated futuristic style. See for yourself. But we must warn you: once you set eyes on these splendid sunglasses, you won’t be able to think about anything else.


Dita Believer purlple w/dark grey - gold flash

Dita Believer tan-12K gold w/dark brown-gold flash-AR

Dita Believer 18K gold w/dark grey-violet flash-AR



Dita Journey black palladium w/dark grey-blue flash-AR

Dita Journey 12K gold w/vintage green-gold flash-AR

Dita Journey matte black-18K gold w/dark grey - black flash-AR

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