Dita Decade-Two Limited Edition

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Dita is celebrating its 20th anniversary and to commemorate this special date, last December the brand released some limited edition sunglasses: Decade-Two. Every ten years, Dita launches a Decade model in small quantities. Now you have the opportunity to get hold of a pair of these magnificent sunnies.

Decade-One were created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the firm. The directors at the time – Jeff Solorio and John Juniper – wanted to include all Dita’s signature details in the sunglasses. Now, Decade-Two capture the technical advances that Dita has achieved over the last decade, as well as including familiar features such as the flexible nose pads or Dita’s diamond-press detailing.

Both Decade-One and Two are more modern, more sophisticated, more stylish revisions of the classic aviator frames. Decade-Two is made of prime materials: titanium with 18-karat gold plate  —Dita is the brand that uses more layers of gold to plate the lenses.

The best experts in Japan – the country that first developed titanium frames – manufacture Dita sunglasses based on the premise that all models have to have a comfortable fit, no matter how daring their design may be. In Dita’s case, all their sunglasses are extremely luxurious and technically advanced designer pieces. But with Decade-Two, the co-founders have gone a step further. They are a real treasure for any collector who wants to wear a pair of sunglasses that unite the best features in the industry. If you want to be one of them, you’d better hurry up! You won’t have another chance until 2026!

Dita Decade-Two

Dita Decade-Two



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