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Christian Dior is a french couturier that changed fashion history forever. We’ll tell you a little bit about where his innovative spirit comes from by going back a little in time.

After the bankruptcy of the family business, DIOR became a fashion designer for Agnès and Schiaparelli, from where he went on to work as a model designer at Piguet. In 1946 he founded his own haute couture firm, which bore his name and had its headquarters in Paris. This is how he launched the fashion that would be christened New Look, narrow-shouldered dresses and skirts up to the middle of the leg. A year later he opened a branch in New York, which proves his brilliant success in the world of fashion, which allowed him to consolidate his home as one of the most prestigious of recent times. Upon his death, with salons in twenty-four countries, Yves Saint-Laurent and then Marc Bohan continued with their signature, and they managed to maintain the reputation of the surname.

The so-called haute couture was born in the times when ladies changed their dresses several times a day, depending on the time. It was a high quality fashion in terms of design and production. The Cámara Sindical de la Alta Costura had been founded in 1868 as a union of dressmakers to prevent their designs from being plagiarized. The designer created the models from a fabric made of linen or muslin that bore his signature. By the late 1950s, many of the haute couture houses had closed to the advance of the cheaper ready-to-wear. French couturier Christian Dior was the most prestigious designer of this last stage of haute couture; his elegant and sculptural lines would influence women and designers for decades.

Dior gave up his political science studies for music, although in reality he devoted himself to travelling and running an art gallery. In 1931, his mother died of cancer and the family business he inherited was declared bankrupt. Dior also had to leave the art gallery when he contracted tuberculosis. After living off the hospitality of friends for a while, he began selling sketches with his own designs to newspapers and magazines.

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