‘Digicamou’ and ‘Exotic’, by Italia Independent

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The camouflage texture, so distinctive for Italia Independent, is here proposed with a new look, inspired by the world of the digital technology of the 80s and the 8-bit universe. This collection recalls the simple and, today, attractive graphics of the videogames that have made history. This new special pixeled texture called “digicamou” is added to the infinite combinations offered by the Tailor Made Program, creating a unique edition of sunglasses that will never be repeated. The texture is a reinterpretation of the camouflage theme, an Italia Independent trademark.

This collection of 12 unique sunglasses has been developed on the basis of two of the most recognized models for Italia Independent. The multicolored pixeled textures of the sunglasses are characterized by the new finishing called “Peach effect”, which evokes, at tactile level, the sensation felt when touching the surface of a peach.

All the models are combined with mirrored lenses, in the following colours: orange, green, sky led, fuxia and yellow, according to the models.

Italia Independent 0090 Digicamou

digi (5) digi (6) digi (7) digi (8)


Italia Independent 0900 Digicamou digi camo (3)

digi (4) digi (3) digi (2) digi (1)


Just arrived from Italy, the Italian brand presents Italia Independent Exotic II 0090,  a unique design full of striking colors.

exotic (4) exotic (3) exotic (2) exotic (1)

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