Christian Roth Fashion Sunglasses

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Christian Roth and Eric Domege

Christian Roth – pioneer in fashionable optics and sunglasses

Christian Roth is a designer of Luxury eyewear born in Germany, Hanover. In 1980 Roth started his career in New York as an assistant to the late fashion photographer Rico Puhlmann. In 1978, Christian met French-born Eric Domege, who was studying that time marketing at the Academie Commerciale Internationale in Paris. Once again they met in New York in 1983, and in 1984 Chris and Eric already founded Optical Affairs.

Christian Roth
DITA and Christian Roth

DITA Group by Christian Roth

Christian Roth and Eric Domege started their adventure into the world of glasses over 30 years ago yet. They were absolute pioneers in creating the optical and fashionable sunglasses the world has never seen before. Moreover, they were really vanguard in terms of creativity and their success has come pretty fast even thought initially most part of their partners didn’t take them too seriously without seeing this strong potential. At this very time Christian Roth has converted into a “sleeping giant” of the world of fashionable sunglasses.

“Even from the initial conversations it became clear that DITA understood the conviction and passion needed to raise the brand. This very understanding has become the key aspect we’ve chosen DITA as our partner and representative of the brand”

Christian Roth and Eric Domege

Christian Roth sunglasses

Piece of cultural history…

All the Christian Roth brand has achieved and created over 30 years has never been more relevant than it is today, as a new generation rejects the racial, gender, and class labels that once confined designers and their customers.

“Purchasing a Christian Roth frame is like becoming the owner of the piece of cultural history”.

Christian Roth sunglasses

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