Chanel Bijou collection 2015

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In 2013, Karl Lagerfeld launched the Bijou collection for Chanel eyewear, inspired by the costume jewelry characteristic of Gabrielle Chanel’s look and designs. An exclusive collection available only at Chanel boutiques and a few selected points of sale around the globe, one of which is OnlyLens.

The three editions to date have all blended the spirit of the fashion house with the intricate work of goldsmiths and the talent of the best designers. The first two collections reflected the Byzantine style and the constellations of the Milky Way respectively, while this third installment is adorned with elegant rhinestones, pearls and cabochons —uncut polished convex gemstones— like the ones found in the precious pieces created by Madamoiselle Coco. These elements have been inserted by hand, providing an exquisite final touch to the acetate frames.

The Bijou collection 2015 consists of two lines, both gorgeously feminine: Cabochon Précieux and Cabochon Couture. The former includes optic glasses and sunglasses, mostly featuring rectangular, oval and cat-eye shapes. Meanwhile, the Cabochon Couture line presents only sunnies, all of them oversized with square or round shapes. The low-key palette of both lines includes only discreet colors like black, deep red or tortoiseshell, allowing the bold, shiny adornments to grab all the attention.

Chanel ambassador Kirsten Stewart has been chosen to star in the campaign. Her youthful, rebellious, punkish style is the perfect counterpoint to the baroque opulence of this collection. The Kaiser certainly knows what he’s doing. By making Stewart, a former teen idol, the face for this lavish eyewear line, he’s proving that Chanel accessories are suitable for anyone, regardless of your age or style. Anyone can wear a Chanel accessory and look amazing; it’s just a question of attitude.


CHANEL 5334HB in black (1325S8)

Chanel 5334HB


CHANEL 5335HB in dark Havana (C714S9)

Chanel 5335HB


CHANEL 5336HB in black (1325S8)

Chanel 5336HB


CHANEL 5337HB in burgundy (1461K5)

Chanel 5337HB


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